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Global ukulele (E-book)

Global ukulele (E-book)

25,50 €Hinta
  • Authors: Arto Julkunen & Markus Rantanen, Liam Capper-Starr
    ISBN: 9789527347027

  • What is the secret of the ukulele’s emergence as one of the most played instruments in the world? This book aims to provide fresh and interesting perspectives to that question. Arto Julkunen and Markus Rantanen, both internationally renowned ukulele experts and teachers, tell the story of the ukulele from Madeira to Hawaii and onwards via the United States to the truly global phenomenon it has become.


    They will also reveal a few surprise stories from the ukulele's colourful history, touching closely on not only the world of music, but also that of the movies. The book also includes an extensive training section, which will help ukulele enthusiasts - both beginners and those more advanced – to become familiar with new playing techniques and different musical styles.

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