A Troll's Tale


A Troll's Tale

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  • Author: Janette Backman
    Pages: 147
    Published: November 2018
    ISBN: 9789527063637

  • A Troll's Tale is a storybook for readers of all ages, who have fallen in love with Lapland and Lappish mythology. It is the literary debut of Janette Backman, an artist living in Rovaniemi. A small troll boy, Halti, leaves his home and heads for the wide world. He meets a storytelling bear, an old pike in a forest pond, flies with an owl and catches a glimpse of a magical Firefox. The journey wouldn’t be complete without his good friend Falav the Reindeer. Together they face adventures – and sometimes mischief. Halti also meets someone special - a troll girl Freya, who he carries in his heart wherever he goes.


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